What is RADIEM?

RADIEM stands for Regroupement pour l’abolition des décrets de l’industrie de l’entretien ménager (Coalition for the Abolition of Decrees in the Public building cleaning Industry). We are calling for the abolition of:

  • the decree respecting building service employees in the Montréal region;
  • the decree respecting building service employees in the Québec City region; and
  • the parity committees that oversee application of the decrees
Why does RADIEM find fault with the decrees?

These two decrees were imposed under the Act Respecting Collective Agreement Decrees, which was adopted more than 80 years ago, in an economic context totally different from today’s. 

Over the years:

  • the Québec government has enacted several laws to ensure the protection of workers, including the Labour Relations Act, which become the Labour Code; the Act Respecting Labour Standards; the Act Respecting Labour Relations; the Act Respecting Labour Relations, Vocational Training and Workforce Management in the Construction Industry; the Act Respecting Workforce Vocational Training and Qualification; and the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety;
  • the labour regime has become cumbersome, rigid and costly, and a hindrance to entrepreneurship.
Why does RADIEM find fault with the parity committees?

Their practices are highly questionable:

  • Excessive rigidity as well as administrative and financial burdens hamper competitiveness in the industry and are detrimental to its development;
  • The decrees are applied unreasonably;
  • The committees’ interpretation of their powers favours a small group of employers, such that vested interests take  precedence over the interests of the industry, its entrepreneurs and its workers.
Who is part of RADIEM?

RADIEM brings together all stakeholders in the industry (e.g., companies, workers, contractors) who:

  • believe that the decrees are no longer relevant in 2015; and
  • oppose the parity committees’ methods.
How do I show my support for RADIEM?

Simply sign the letter of support, downloadable from the RADIEM website.

You can also order a copy of the letter by calling 1 844 RADIEM1 (723-4361). 

After signing, return the letter via e-mail (info.radiem@gmail.com) or fax (514 843-4257).

Will RADIEM keep its members’ private information confidential?

RADIEM undertakes to safeguard the confidentiality of information about its members and to protect their anonymity.

At no time will RADIEM disclose information about a member, unless explicitly authorized to do so by that member.

What will RADIEM do with the signed letters of support?

The letters will be used to demonstrate to the Québec Labour Minister, Dominique Vien, that a large number of companies and people are determined to “clean house” in our industry, and that they want to do away with the decrees and the parity committees.

How is RADIEM funded?

RADIEM is funded by a number of companies united in the belief that it is high time that the industry’s work regime was modernized so that it can grow and develop.

Does it cost anything to become a member of RADIEM?

No, membership is free.

However, RADIEM is working to set up a voluntary contribution system for members in order to:

  • equip RADIEM with effective communications tools;
  • increase its effectiveness; and
  • keep up its actions for as long as possible.

For healthy competition that benefits us all!

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